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Welcome to my website all about Petersham and Lewisham. Whether you are looking for a modern unit on Canterbury Road or grand Victorian home with all the details intact, both Petersham and Lewisham offer so much to so many. Those smart enough to buy a property here last year or 30 years ago can be my witness !

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Why Petersham and Lewisham?

It is not uncommon for people to know the exact whereabouts of Petersham and Lewisham all together. If you are a local or like me, spend a considerable amount of time in the area, you are perfectly aware of the closeness of the city.

So if you just happened to drive past these hidden gems on the main 3 arteries that run through the western suburbs of the inner city, Parramatta Road, New Canterbury Road and Crystal Street, there are a few things you might like to know.

Petersham and Lewisham both have their own train station as part of the Inner West Line which means you can reach Central station in approximately 10 minutes, Circular Quay in 18 minutes, Chinatown, Darling Harbour, the Star Casino and the Fish market in an extra 20 minutes thanks to the fabulous light rail from central. And if you like the livelihood of Newtown and you fancy a gelato after eating Vietnamese, on the same train you can be there in 5 minutes, free from the stress of hunting for a parking spot.

Convenient public transport
Inner west charm

Both Petersham and Lewisham have a certain appeal that go beyond the convenience of their strategic position. Their charm resides on the unpretentious sense of community that permeates the area. The young family with children enjoys some of the best of schools in the Inner West, the busy city professional takes advantage of the superb public transport connections, the international student gets the quietness of the area and the vicinity of both Sydney Uni and UTS and the smart investor can rely on growth for the next 20 years.

But to me Petersham and Lewisham mean more than that. They represent a cosy snapshot of what Australia and Sydney are all about and that’s because both have a history of European migration, and many like the Portuguese community, just to mention one culture, that still remains. The whole area retains a live flavour of heritage, the cafés and the restaurants are owned and run by the locals and we find that homes are so tightly held in some of the best streets of the area.

What's in Petersham and Lewisham

Here are few of my favourite places and events in Petersham and Lewisham. Check out my local guide below for a comprehensive list.

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